Planning & Zoning Board meets as necessary at Village Hall.

The Planning and Zoning Board was established to prepare and recommend to the Village Board a comprehensive plan for the present and future development or redevelopment of the village. Such plans shall be advisory and created to provide for the health, safety, comfort and convenience of the inhabitants of the village, and will establish reasonable requirements governing the location, width, course, and surfacing of public streets and highways, alleys, ways for public service facilities, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, street lights, parks, playgrounds, school grounds, size of lots to be used for residential purposes, storm water drainage, water supply and distribution, sanitary sewers, and sewage collection and treatment.

The Planning and Zoning Board also reviews land use issues that pertain to the Village of Steger’s Zoning Ordinances including proposed variations from the zoning code, special uses that require review to determine compatibility with adjacent properties, neighborhoods and businesses.

Committee Members

Jeff Roesner
James "Rusty" Brodeur
Charles Fillion
Mike Hickey
Bruce Luft
Kathleen Schipma​
​Joe Zagone