Electronic payments coming soon. In the meantime, please drop off a check at Village Hall or dial (708) 754-3395 for more information.

Download a PDF of the Contractor’s Application here.

Download the Plumbing License PDF version here.


All applications must be accompanied by a certificate of insurance, a license permit/bond, and a payment of the fee (if necessary).

  • Certificate of Insurance: Minimum of one million dollars
  • License/PermitBond: Minimum of ten thousand dollars
  • Electrical and HVAC contractors must include proof of certification
  • Roofing & Plumbing Contractors must include copy of state license

NO licenses will be issued without required insurance and proof of certification. Always call before you dig.

The year begins May 1st and ends April 30th.


General Contractor annual fee: $150

Sub-Contractor annual fee: $100


Do not forget to submit payment & proof of insurance, bond, or licensing.

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