What is Emergency Management?

During the cold war the Federal Government started the Civil Defense organization. The purpose of Civil Defense was to train community volunteers to prepare shelters and emergency response to nuclear attack.

During the Vietnam era Civil Defense helped Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement search for and apprehend draft dodgers. On top of establishing an Emergency Response for local disasters and assisting local police and Fire Departments this too was done by volunteers.

After the end of the Cold war the Federal Government converted funds to change to Emergency Services and Disaster Agency (E.S.D.A) still holding to the structure of past but focusing on finding local hazards and preparing Disaster plans for their perspective Governments.

After the tragic events of September 11th the President commissioned the Department of Homeland Security. Homeland Security worked independently for many years and as of 2012 joined with FEMA. As of 2012 Steger E.S.D.A. officially changed to Steger Homeland Security and Emergency Management (H.S.E.M.) or E.M.A.


What does E.M.A. do for Steger?

  • We provide traffic control for police and fire departments during accidents, fires and investigations.
  • We provide high power scene lighting for the above mentioned.
  • Weekend patrols
  • Storm watch and patrols
  • Crowd control and event security
  • Ground and Debris search and rescue
  • Disaster planning and preparation
  • Shelter management
  • & More

Steger EMA is a member of “SMART” (Suburban Mutual Assistance Response Team), a 33 member suburban EMA association in Cook and Will counties. This team is currently seeking new members.

HSEM Volunteer Training & Membership takes place on Sundays at 6 PM at 3035 Lewis Avenue. Learn more here.


Frequently asked Questions

Do E.M.A. members get paid?  Yes members are paid per call on a points system.

Do I need any training or experience to join? No, we will provide training with no cost to you other than your time.

What are membership requirements? You must be 18 years old, have a valid driver’s license and live in Steger, South Chicago Heights or Steger Estates. For a full list of requirements and application please visit. www.villageofsteger.org