Winter Warming Center

If anybody is in need of a warming center, please call Steger’s non-emergency number at 708-754-8121.

There is a power outage in my area. Who should I call?

Check the ComEd outage map to see if the outage has already been reported. If it has not, contact ComEd directly.

How do I report a Water Main Break?

Call Steger’s Fire/Police Non-Emergency Dispatch: 708-754-8121

What if I smell Natural Gas?

Call Steger’s Fire/Police Non-Emergency Dispatch: 708-754-8121.

What are the Village Hall hours of operation?

Except for major US Holidays, Village Hall is open Monday-Friday from 8:30am – 5:00pm.  It is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Where is Village Hall located?

3320 Lewis

This is on the North side of Steger Road, located East of the entrance to the Industrial Park and just West of the Dialysis Center.

Where is the Fire Department located?

3320 Lewis

This is on the North side of Steger Road, located East of the entrance to the Industrial Park and just West of the Dialysis Center.

Where is the Police Department located?

3322 Emerald Ave

This is on the North side of Steger Road – across the street from Old Plank Trail Bank and behind the former Village Hall, on Emerald.  It is located in the former Fire Station.

Child Safety Seat Inspections

The Steger Police Department now has certified Child Passenger Safety Seat Technicians.  Sergeant Maria Bautista and Office Alex Farkas as specially trained to inspect child car seats an provide tips for correct installation in most automobiles.  The service is offered by appointment only and to Village of Steger residents only.  We encourage our residents to take advantage of this program by sending an e-mail to :

Please remember to include your best contact numbers so one of the Officers can contact you and set up an appointment.

How do I report low or no water pressure?

If you are experiencing low, or no, water pressure please contact Public Works and/or Village Hall at 708-754-3395.  The Village will dispatch to your house, at no cost to you, to investigate the issue and take appropriate action if necessary.

Building Permits

Building ​Permits are issued by the Building Department and are intended to keep homeowners and job sites safe. The Building Department will inspect the job for zoning compliance, safety and protect the general welfare of residents and the community. Inspectors will also require contractors to be license and bonded with the Village to insure your property. It is in the best interest of the homeowner that permits and inspections are completed by the Village of Steger Building Department.

What types of work require permits?

Generally speaking, all work done to the outside of your home will require a permit; windows, siding, soffit, fascia, gutters, downspouts, garages, sheds, pools and fences. Most work on the interior of your home will not require a building permit. Inside work that requires a permit include; electrical upgrades, plumbing and anytime an interior wall is moved.

Who is authorized to make home improvements?

The homeowner is permitted to make improvements to his/her home. If a homeowner chooses to complete the work him/herself; a deposit is required to be left with the Village. The deposit insures that all inspections and permits will be completed. After the work has passed final inspection, the deposit is returned to the homeowner. Any contractor hired by the homeowner must be licensed and bonded with the Village of Steger. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to secure a Building Permit. Failure to do so may result in a fine.

Where do I keep the Building Permit?

Your Building Permit should be displayed on the front of your property, perhaps in a front facing window. The Permit must be easily seen from the street. Building permits are valid for 6 months. If your project takes longer than 6 months, you may apply for a 3 month extension at a cost of $25.00.

Where can I pay my water bill?

The Village of Steger now accepts credit and debit cards for all payments, including water bills. Payments are accepted at the Village Hall during regular business hours and a drop box outside of the Village Hall accepts checks for payment of water bills. The Village website is now linked to “e-pay” so that payments can now be made on line.

How do I request a Senior Rate for my water bill?

Effective January 1, 2018, Steger Residents who are 65+ residing in owner-occupied housing may request the Senior Rate for the Sewer Rehabilitation Charge portion of the water bill.  Residents must apply in-person at Village Hall and will need to verify age and residence.  If you wish to fill out the form ahead of time and bring it to Village Hall, you may download it by clicking here : Sewer Rehabilitation Charge Senior Rate Request Form

When are Village Stickers due?

Village Stickers are due by July 1st each year. Stickers go on sale in May and may be purchased at the Village Hall or on line using the “e-pay” link from the Village of Steger’s website. Village Stickers are valid July 1-June 30 each year. Post cards are mailed to each residence in the Village when the stickers go on sale. If you are not sure, check your Village Sticker; the dates are on it.

Why does my dog need a license?

In the best interest of all residents of the Village of Steger, dogs must be licensed. A license is issued to an owner when the dog’s rabies certificate is presented and a nominal fee is paid. It is important for all dog owners to have dogs properly vaccinated and licensed. In this way, you can be sure that a dog that gets out has had its rabies vaccine and if your dog gets out we can help you find it.

What are garage sale permit requirements?

Garage sale permits are issued at the Village Hall. The cost is $5. Homeowners are allowed up to two garage sales per calendar year. Each garage sale can be for one or two days. Signs are not permitted on public property, this includes utility poles and street signs.

How do I make an FOIA request?

The Freedom of Information Act has a formal process, which ensures that requests are recorded and answered. You can get this form at the Village Clerk’s office, and we hope to have it up on the website soon.