Provider : Republic Services – 708-385-8252

Pick Up Day : Typically Wednesdays.  If a recognized holiday falls on Monday, the schedule shifts one day, and pick up will be on Thursday.  It is advised to have all cans curbside before 7:00am as schedules vary based on many factors.

Waste : Picked up every week

Recyclables : Picked up every 2 weeks.  The general rule is that the North Side of Steger Road is one week, the South Side a different week.  HOWEVER, some areas of town, and along Steger Road this may vary, please contact Republic Services with your address to confirm which week is your Recyclable week.

Yard Waste : Generally speaking, yard waste is collected from spring through autumn.  Please contact Republic for specific start and stop dates.

Large Items : A general rule is one large appliance/item per week.  If you have need for an exception, please contact Republic for details.

E-Billing : The Village of Steger combines the Garbage Collection bill with the water bill.  This combined water/sewer/garbage bill is now available for E-Billing (e-mails sent to you instead of US Mail) – you can fill out the form <here> and drop it off at Village Hall.

Monthly Rates :

2018 – Regular $21.06 – Senior $18.81

2019 – Regular $22.11 – Senior $19.75

2020 – Regular $23.22 – Senior $20.74

2021 – Regular $24.38 – Senior $21.78