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Over  the next few weeks, the Village of Steger will begin Uni-directional hydrant flushing starting on October 12th.

Flushing will be done between 8am – 4pm Monday through Friday and will start on Steger Rd, then south down Halsted, and continue east and west from there.

Please watch for signs posted on what areas we will be working in. During flushing we ask for your patience as some residents may encounter periods of no or  low water pressure and some discoloration of their water. If you notice discoloration run cold water until the tap runs clears and also avoid laundry while we are in your area.

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The Steger Police Department now has a certified Child Passenger Safety Seat Technician. Sergeant Maria Bautista is specially trained to inspect child car seats and provide tips for correct installation in most automobiles. This service is offered by appointment only and to Village of Steger residents only. We encourage our residents to take advantage of this program by calling Sergeant Bautista at 708-755-0223 extension 313.

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Help kick-off this very important week by stopping at the Firehouse between 10:00am and 12:00 noon on Sunday, October 8.  The Fire Department will be printing photo ID cards for kids.  In addition the firefighters will be teaching about fire safety and prevention.  Kids can become Junior Fire Fighters.  A great chance to meet your local Fire Fighters and see the rigs and the Firehouse.

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A rather large coyote was spotted near the Steger Industrial Park today. Coyotes are not uncommon in this area.

The following advice has been issued by the Steger Police Department :

When there are interactions between coyotes and people walking dogs, the coyote will put on a display – make itself known and shadow the dogs/people.

If the dogs are on a leash and at a safe distance, that’s typically all that happens. There have been interactions with dogs when it’s off leash or on a very long leash. But it’s still extremely rare.

To keep coyotes away from a yard, we recommend bringing any pet food inside, consider motion sensor lights, and keeping bird baths tidy.

If a coyote approaches, which is very rare, it is recommended to clap your hands loudly and wave your arms. This makes you appear bigger and more intimidating. They do not wish to tangle with creatures larger than themselves.

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