Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) – Inspection of Public Records Procedures.

The Freedom of Information Act, 5 ILCS 140/1 et seq., is the Illinois Statute governing the inspection of public records. This Act provides for public inspection of records in the possession of the Village of Steger. Exemptions are also provided to insure the confidentiality of certain records. For more information regarding the Freedom of Information Act, visit the Illinois FOIA website.

The State of Illinois Comptroller’s office also makes available some public financial records through the Ledger and the Warehouse. Learn more about these resources here.


FOIA Officers for the Village of Steger:

Carmen S. Recuiptio
3320 Lewis Avenue
Steger, IL 60475
Phone: 708-754-3395

Michael Tilton
3320 Lewis Avenue
Steger, IL 60475
Phone: 708-754-3395


Fax requests to: 708-754-1913

Email requests to:

To Obtain Information:
Requests for information should be in writing and when possible on the form provided by the Village. Freedom of Information Act Request form can be filled out on-line or using this form. The request can be mailed, faxed, e-mailed or delivered in person to the Village Hall. Unless the requested information falls within an exemption or the volume of information requested is unduly burdensome, the information will be provided for inspection or copying. Certified copies are available on request.

The Village will respond to requests for information within 5 business days (a business day is Monday through Friday and does not include Saturday, Sunday or legal holidays) for non-commercial requests and within 21 business days for commercial requests (Commercial requests are requests where the information requested will be used, in any form, for sale, resale, or solicitation or advertisement for sales or services). The response will be one of the following:

  1. Grant the request
  2. Deny the request
  3. Notice that the request is unduly burdensome
  4. Request additional time to respond and provide reasons for delay and date when response will be provided
  5. Grant in part and deny in part
  6. Notice of intent to deny as personal information or a preliminary draft
  7. Notice that the Village does not maintain the information requested

When requests are denied in whole or in part, the requester may appeal the decision. Appeals should be made within 60 days in writing, signed by the requester, should include a copy of the FOIA request and any responses from the Village and must be addressed as follows:


By US Mail:

Public Access Bureau Office of the Attorney General
500 S. 2nd Street
Springfield IL 62706
By e-mail:


Categories of Records that may be obtained without a FOIA Request:

  • Village Board Meeting Agendas
  • Village Board Meeting Minutes
  • Oaths of Office
  • Municipal Code
  • Ordinances adopted by the Board of Trustees
  • Resolutions adopted by the Board of Trustees
  • Appointed Boards and Commissions Meeting Agendas
  • Appointed Boards and Commissions Meeting Minutes
  • Village Map
  • Annual Budget
  • Annual Financial Report
  • Capital Improvements Budget
  • Comprehensive Plan



All requests obtained through the Freedom of Information Act shall be subject to the following fees:

  • 8-1/2″ x 11″ and 11″ x 14″ and 11″ x 17″ copies up to 50 pages: No Fee
  • 8-1/2″ x 11″ and 11″ x 14″ and 11″ x 17″ copies over 50 pages: $ .15
  • Audio Tapes or CD’s are $1.50 each
  • Maps: Cost of printing
  • Postage will be charged at the current actual rate

All requests requiring outside duplication services will be charged at actual cost for the duplication.

Exempt Records from fees:

Requests to waive the Freedom of Information Act fee must be made in writing to the Village Administrator and must state how the primary purpose of the requested information is to access and disseminate information regarding the health, safety and welfare or the legal rights of the general public and is not for the principal purpose of personal or commercial benefits.