Many residents don’t know that the Village of Steger has a dedicated team of Emergency Management professionals, and they’re looking to grow. This team, originally intended to defend against radiological weapons during the Cold War, now works to support of the Police and Fire Departments during emergencies.

When Village Hall burned down, Emergency Management was responsible for keeping the 911 system up and running until permanent power could be restored. During traffic accidents, Emergency Management supports local agencies by installing emergency lighting or directing traffic.

“Our main goal is to check on businesses,” says Tom Johnston, head of Steger’s EMA team. “We patrol regularly to act as a second set of eyes for the police, especially during busy nights, like the 4th of July or New Year’s Eve.”

Steger’s EMA team is also a member of “SMART” (Suburban Mutual Assistance Response Team), a 33 member suburban EMA association in Cook and Will counties.

This team is seeking motivated individuals to grow the EMA team. It’s important to note that the role is neither full time nor volunteer. Members are paid on call, receiving a quarterly commission check. Ideal candidates are people who are seeking a career in public service or have a passion for protecting the Village of Steger. All members receive training in many areas, such as search and rescue, hazardous materials, first responder, weather spotter, and more.

If you have questions about EMA or becoming a Member, pleasee contact Tom Johnston ( or visit the Village of Steger website to apply.

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