Below is a quick update on recently started initiatives, as well as a short description of a couple new projects.

Crete Bike Path

Crete and Steger are currently negotiating an intergovernmental agreement for the transfer of property. Construction will start shortly after that. In parallel, the Village is working with the state to ensure this park will meet the criteria for unlocking Steger’s potential to apply for park related grants in the future.

Quiet Zone Study

The study is currently in the diagnostic review phase. Representatives from both Cook and Will counties as well as from federal agencies are evaluating what safety measures are required for railroad crossings within Steger. The results of these evaluations are scheduled to be delivered in June, and the results will be submitted shortly thereafter.

Planning Priorities Study

Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning is currently developing a recommended roadmap based on Steger’s needs and priorities, which is to be delivered in June. There will be a town hall to present the recommendations, and information will also be available at the Steger Days of Music.

Village Hall Rebuild

The Village is still in discussions with BKV Group, the architect regarding whether to rebuild the previous Village Hall or whether to start new in a different location.


New! Senior Wheels by Pace

The Village of Steger is in early discussions with Pace regarding a program to help senior residents run errands, travel to colleges, and go to doctor’s appointments. The two organizations are working together to secure a vehicle. The Village of Steger will lease the vehicle for $100 per month and manage the operation of the program, and the details of operation are still to be determined. The Village expects to be operating the program about mid-summer.

New! Flashing Lights in School Zones

The Village and School District 194 are working together to finalize a grant for flashing lights in school zones on Steger Road. A bid opening is scheduled for May 21st for the work to install the lighting.

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