The Steger Police Department is proud to announce that it recent held an Awards Ceremony in recognition of outstanding dedication and commitment above and beyond expectation, for providing professional service and loyalty to the community, and representing the Steger Police Department in the highest caliber in 2016.

  • Officer of the Year was awarded to Detective Peter Fajman for his consistent high level of performance, professionalism, dedication and commitment to the Steger Police Department and the South Suburban Major Crimes Task Force.
  • Life Saving Award was presented to Officer Dale Banicki for his lifesaving efforts involving an unconscious woman from a suspected drug overdose.
  • Letters of Commendations were presented to Officer’s Ryan Boren, George Hillman, Jordan Lane, for their dedication, diligence and professionalism. They all exhibited an admirable strong work ethic, performance and dedication above and beyond normal patrol duties.
  • Letters of Recognition were presented to Deputy Chief Patrick Rossi, Sergeant Maria Bautista, Sergeant Gerald Ruff, Officers George Hillman, Dale Banicki, Thomas Lacheta and Detective Peter Fajman in recognition for their dedication, diligence and professionalism exhibited involving certain incidents they were all involved in individually or as a team.
  • Letters of Appreciation were presented to Officer Randall Johnston for his personal contributions and sacrifices with helping the betterment of the department.
  • Certificates of Appreciation were presented to Officers; Dale Banicki, Ryan Boren, Thomas D’Anna, Peter Fajman, Alex Farkas, and George Hillman all received awards from the Alliance against Intoxicated Motorists, for Recognition of Commendable DUI Enforcement.

“These are just a few of the highlighted examples of the dedication and professionalism exhibited by the members of the police department daily.  Some actions have undoubtedly gone unnoticed because of the high expectations and routine of the level of service provided daily. Officers everyday come to work not knowing what they may face, yet come ready to serve and protect the community. They often sacrifice themselves and their families to provide service to the community 24/7. Even during these turbulent times between some views in society and law enforcement, officers are committed to the duty they are sworn to perform. They routinely respond to the daily calls for service, often dealing with the unpleasantness of society, provocation and disrespect of societal laws, all the while trying to proactively keep the community safe and enforce the laws that some would prefer to ignore.  We appreciate the support from so many in the community and will continue to maintain professionalism and partnership within the community.”


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