Nearly 20” of snow fell in the Chicagoland area in a 36 hour timespan in the first two days of February. The Village of Steger would like to thank the employees of the Public Works Department who logged a total of 250 hours between 10 people within that timespan – that means each worker logged an average of 25 hours in under two days!

Dave Toepper, Steger’s Director of Infrastructure, says the focus was on safety: “The team did a great job of focusing on the most highly trafficked roads within our jurisdiction. Our goal was to make the roads safe for the village residents, and I think the team did a tremendous job.”

In addition to manpower, the effort also required quite a bit of salt – 200 tons to be exact. To put that in perspective, 200 tons of salt is equivalent to (creative liberty to use clipart here if it makes sense):

  • 40 heavy duty pickup trucks
  • 50 elephants
  • 1 Boeing 747 airplane

The outcome after a long February is predictable: everyone is looking forward to spring.

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