In October 2015, Mayor Kenneth A. Peterson, Jr. and the Steger Board of Trustees approved the creation of the Lorenzo Garcia Park of Hope, to be adjacent to the Louis Sherman Community Center. Dedicated to Garcia, a 12- year-old Steger resident who passed away on July 27, 2015 after a tragic accident, this memorial park […]

Carmen “Tory” Recupito, who has been a lifelong Steger resident and a Steger Official since the 1970’s, is retiring. Having served the residents of Steger for nearly 40 years, he says, “I am proud that the residents of the Village of Steger continued to reelect me. It means I must have been doing something right.” […]

The role of Code Enforcement is to ensure properties are properly maintained and that they comply with all Village ordinances. The department increased its efforts in 2016, and the momentum is increasing still as Fall turns to Winter. At press time, over 240 tickets for Adjudication Violations have been issued, more homes have been to […]

The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a winter that is colder than average and that has a relatively high amount of snowfall. Please ensure all vehicles are removed from Village streets at time where there is 2” or more of snowfall. Contact Public Works by calling (708) 755-3888 or emailing with any questions or concerns.

The Steger Police Department would like to remind everyone to be safe this holiday season. Here are some basic safety tips to be mindful of in advance of the holiday season. Shopping Tips  Keep your purse closed and close to your body. Avoid talking on cell phones as you walk through malls, parking lots. Phone […]