Between rebuilding Village Hall and the Police Station and developing the I394 and Rt. 1 Corridor, there is quite a bit of positive change on the horizon for Steger. To generate some quick wins in the short term, however, Village officials have turned their attention towards Economic Development projects.


Village Administrator Mike Tilton explains, “We have several Village owned empty lots that are perfect opportunities for businesses to build a new facility in Steger. Steger also has a few vacant commercial structures in prime locations. We just need to find the best fit for the space.”


Tilton has already led a project to identify the ripe sites in Steger and survey open land. The output of this project is summarized on the Village website ( and is being shared in printed packets. In the coming months, Tilton will proactively market the opportunities in Steger, while also personally reaching out to organizations that he feels would benefit from the spaces available.


“Over the summer, we gained quite a bit of momentum,” says Tilton, “we’re very excited about using it and creating positive growth in Steger.”

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  • DIANE LALE says:

    Steger village officials SHOULD NOT be buying land with the taxpayer’s monies!!! We should NOT be buying foreclosed houses and demolishing them either.

    The village hall should be fixed using the insurance money. We DO NOT need a “billion dollar” village hall or police station. My tax dollars should not be WASTED by a bunch of scoundrels. Supposedly the Village Hall and Police Station were not up to “code” BUT you harass the residents about their properties – perhaps you should have been keeping the village hall “up to code” with some of the monies you are wasting to purchase or “take” in town.

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