The Village of Steger Fire Department is very excited about some new equipment in the firehouse. The department was recently approved to modernize its operations by purchasing a Rapid Response Unit and replacing other, outdated equipment. This new equipment has a significant impact on all facets of the Fire Department’s services, from response times to safety.

For example, the Fire Department now has a 2015 Rapid Response Unit, which drastically improves the response time of calls. This unit is a quad cab truck that has been altered to include medical devices and other tools that do not require a full size engine to transport. This allows firefighters more agility to move from firehouse to call site or even between call sites.

Fire Chief Nowell Fillion asked for the vehicle after researching how other US Fire Departments were leveraging new technology to improve its service. “I read that some cities in California were successfully using Rapid Reponses Units and thought that Steger could benefit as well,” says Chief Fillion. This unit is the first in the Village of Steger, and it is already used for calls daily.

Chief Fillion also worked with the Village Board to replace the outdated Fire Brush Truck and Skid Unit. The previous unit was from 1980, prompting concern about its reliability. The Fire Department uses this equipment when fires spread to areas that are not accessible by roads, such as forests and prairies.

Also being replaced is the safety gear for firefighters; the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requires retiring garments, hoods, gloves, and boots that are older than 10 years from their date of manufacture.

“The team is excited”, says Chief Fillion, “We feel more equipped to provide great services to the residents of Steger.”

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