The Steger Police Department recognizes your most important defense against crime is awareness.  As we head into the holiday season crime often increases. We routinely look for ways to inform residents on how to protect themselves and their property from criminals. One of the fundamental ways to accomplish this task is through Neighborhood Watches. Neighborhood Watch is an effective crime prevention tool which involves the active participation of citizens in cooperation with law enforcement to reduce crime in their communities. It substantially reduces residential burglary and other crimes, because a good neighbor is one of the most effective crime prevention tools ever invented.

Neighborhood Watch involves:

  • Neighbors getting to know each other and working together to maintain a system of surveillance over one another’s property, children, etc.
  • Informing citizens how to recognize and report suspicious activities in progress accurately and immediately.
  • Creating communication links between the community and the police through newsletters and crime prevention presentations.
  • Posting signs and stickers, creating physical barriers and psychological barriers for criminals.
  • Developing a partnership between the Steger Police Department and the residents of Steger.

Why Neighborhood Watch?

  • There cannot be a police officer on every corner, so citizen involvement is essential to combat crime.
  • You and your neighbors are the ones who really know what is going on in your community.
  • By cooperating with each other and the police, people can help fight crime in their neighborhoods in the most effective way-before it begins!

Gather and Share Information

Talk to your neighbors! Knowing your neighbors’ basic habits and belongings will help you to recognize unusual or suspicious activities. Basic information you might exchange includes:

  • Home and work phone numbers
  • Number, ages and identity for family members
  • Work hours
  • School hours of children
  • License plate numbers and types of automobiles
  • Planed vacations or visitors
  • Scheduled deliveries or repairs
  • Any other helpful information


  • Be suspicious. Report unusual or suspicious behavior to the police. Write down the description of the person(s) and license numbers of any vehicles involved.
  • Sounds easy, but unfortunately a lot crimes go unreported. Information is the key to solving many crimes, and that information comes from you.
  • Even an anonymous tip is better than no report at all. So don’t hesitate. Follow this rule: If you see something suspicious, call the police – fast – so the police can act – fast. The longer you wait, the harder it is to catch the criminal.
  • Remember, your job is to REPORT crime. The responsibility for apprehending criminals belongs to the police.

“If you see something … say something.” Call 911

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