Recently, there has been an increase in the number of questions to the Department of Public Infrastructure (the “Department”) regarding mosquito management in the Village of Steger. Director of Infrastructure Dave Toepper provided answers to the most frequently asked questions.no_mosquito

What techniques do you use to manage mosquitos?

The Village of Steger uses two types of mosquito management. Residents are most likely familiar with thermal fogging, targeting adult mosquitos. In addition, the Department of Public Infrastructure leverages larvicide to attack mosquito larvae before they mature into adults.

What is the spraying schedule? What about the route?

The Department does not have a set schedule for managing mosquitos. Instead, the Department schedules its activities based in part on the weather forecast. The Department is prepared to intervene in times of high need. June 2015 has been the wettest month in Illinois’ recorded history, prompting more attention to the insect population.

All roads in Steger are sprayed. The Director of the Department works directly with the teams to ensure that the entire Village is covered.

Why is there less fog than last year?

The Village switched to a new technology that results in lower fog. Previously, mosquitos were managed with Thermal Foggers, which are meant to disperse larvicide in a thick, visible fog. New technology, called cold foggers or ultra low volume (ULV) fogging, instead atomizes the solution into very small particles. As a result, the fog is less visible that traditional solutions. The Village expects to use this technology for future mosquito management activities.

If you have additional questions or feedback, please contact Dave Toepper at 708.755.3888 or


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