Dear Steger Residents,

As many of you may know, the Village has been working on getting out Community Vehicle program started. I am pleased to announce that we have completed everything, and we will be starting service on March 27th, 2017.

Learn more about the program on the Steger Vehicle Community page, which includes:

  • Description of the program
  • Boundaries
  • Rider information sheet

If you have questions or concerns, or if you want to schedule a ride in the program, please feel free to contact the Village Hall at 708-754-3395.

Best regards,

Kenneth A. Peterson Jr.


  • Ruth Pellegrini says:

    My Dad is 91. He lives in Steger. 1900 West 235th Street. He needs rides to the Franciscan Fitness and back. When I got him set up for PACE rides to pick him up. The problem is that the property is in the woods and has iron gates by the road. The PACE bus won’t or can’t go up to the house. This is unrealistic for Dad (Jack Mostert). He uses a cane and walking that far to get to the bus is really tough for him. Would this van be able to come down to the house? Would going to Franciscan Fitness be considered medical? The Crete Township person told me it was considered medical

  • Michelle smado says:

    Are there any open positions for jobs.

  • Michelle smado says:

    Can you inform me off any openings for employment. Thank you. And God bless

  • Susan Paul says:

    I was very excited about this until I looked at the boundaries. If I’m correct you will go to South suburban hospital but NOT to the Advocate Medical Center at Pulaski and Vollmer road. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to keep relying on other people to take me to the doctor.

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