Dog waste containers are coming soon to all Village of Steger parks. So far, the We have placed a garbage can along with bags on the Boulevard just southeast of the Gazebo. Please help keep Steger clean!IMG_0112


  • Barbara Hejza says:

    Should have them all along the strip of Halsted & Stella, they walk the dogs here also. Not just in the parks. Thank You.

  • Jeff jacobs says:

    Sec. 14-46. – Dogs prohibited in public places.

    what about the current village law saying dogs are not allowed in village parks ? Kind of a waste if they wont be used !

        


    No dog shall be permitted, even though on a leash, to enter any public hall, restaurant, coffeehouse, ice cream parlor, soft drink parlor, office, store, market, or confectionery shop anywhere within the village, during the time that such place is open for public business, nor shall any dog be permitted in any village park.

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