The annual “12 Days After Christmas” (approximately) Christmas tree bonfire will be held at Veterans Memorial Park on Friday, January 19.

This annual event emphasizes Fire Safety and Fire Prevention.  The burning of the trees illustrates just how quickly a dry Christmas tree can ignite.  It also illustrates just how hot they burn and how quickly the fire can spread.  This is also true with live Christmas wreaths that have dried.  The event also focuses on Fire Prevention by removing these dried live trees and live wreaths from the households within a reasonable amount of time following the Holidays.

If you have a live Christmas Tree or Wreath and would like to donate it to this event, please contact Village Hall at 708-754-3395 for the drop-off location.  Also, in special circumstances, if you are physically unable to transport the tree, the Village can make arrangements to pick it up.

Start the New Year safely.





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